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Web Design

You had me at helvetica

Attraction. Desire. Excitement. Good design should inspire emotion, but it should also prompt action.

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A website isn’t a static piece of art – it is a dynamic representation of your brand. People don't sip wine and eat crackers while contemplating your beautiful website. They search, they click, they interact.

VIUS' design team works closely with you to create an interactive, attractive, and universally accessible website that reinforces your brand's message while leading your users down a well-considered path.


Our Creative Process

We view design as a tool that can make complex ideas easy to understand. Similarly, our web design process is simplified and streamlined by breaking it down into three clear steps.

Mood Boards

graphic design

In the first step, we set the "mood." This includes developing the perfect color palette, determining the best typography to communicate you message, and building a complete set of textures, styles and images to paint a picture of your brand.


graphic wireframe

Here we lay down the foundation. Wireframes are like blueprints for your website, outlining the placement of interface elements on the page, and how your users will interact with them. The goal is to design the most efficient and user-friendly layout possible.

Design Compositions

graphic wireframe

In this step, the mood boards and wireframes come together. Here we unite form and function, creating pixel-perfect designs that represent your website-to-be. Typically, this is when you will start getting goosebumps.

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