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Philadelphia logo design, Philadelphia identity design, branding

Identity & Brand Design

Say ‘ello to my lil’ brand!

Your brand says who you are – your persona, your style, your values.

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To understand your brand, we need to understand you: your message, your values, where you work, your company's culture and what you eat for lunch…just kidding about lunch. Your brand is your company's public face, and putting your best face forward is always important. We will help you to establish a style and public identity that resonates with your customers, as well as a clear and consistent message that strengthens communication with your customers.

Logo Design

Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand. It should be easily noticed and not-so-easily forgotten. Leaving a lasting impression is the key to establishing trusted relationships with your customers, and a professional, well-crafted logo is the first step in this process. Simple, memorable, timeless and versatile; we work with you to ensure your logo translates across a variety of media and applications.

Brand Guidelines

If a logo is your brand's centerpiece, then a set of brand guidelines is your matching china set, furniture, and wallpaper. It is important to maintain the same level of quality and consistency across your entire company. Whether its your website, emails, signage, or stationary, having the same look and feel on everything your company does is critical to establishing trust. Using your logo as a starting point, we will help you build a set of rules and strategies to apply a consistent style to all your company's materials.

Marketing Strategies

In order to create strong brand memories, a marketing strategy must be in place to deliver consistent and repeated encounters. These strategic and well-designed brand interactions increase the likelihood of customers remembering you when they need your products or services. VIUS will help you develop a strategy for your brand across the digital and physical landscape.

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