Large hosting companies typically provide a low-cost alternative, at the expense of impersonal service, overloaded servers, and performance issues.

No big-time celebrity spokesmodel, just big-time support

VIUS is a performance web host, meaning we charge slightly more when compared to big name hosting companies, but we provide many services they cannot. Since we are a small, local company, we can give you the flexibility, space, and personalized support you need. Because our servers are not overloaded, your sites load quickly, your users are happy, and conversion rates increase. Questions are not answered by an automated attendant, but by a live person who is ready to assist you.

VIUS will help consult with you to determine which hosting plan is right for you based on your needs. If you are currently hosting with another provider we can help with the transfer of your site. If you are setting up an account for the first time, we’ll handle the logistics of getting your new site up and running. Try asking Danica for this type of service.