Setting up your own PPC campaign is actually very easy, so is giving your cat a bath, but we wouldn’t recommend it. If your cat really needs a bath, hire a groomer; if you want an effective PPC campaign, contact us. We will maximize your advertising budget, improve targeted clicks to your website and increase conversion.

A successful PPC Management strategy involves a three step process.

Keyword Analysis

Ever wonder what words customers search for to find your website? Wonder no more. Combining our knowledge, expertise and special research tools, we determine the most relevant keywords to formulate an effective PPC campaign.

Campaign Management

Pay per click campaigns involve more than just throwing some money into a PPC account, entering keywords, and clicking publish. Planning, creating, and continuous monitoring are necessary to keep your ad in front of your target audience. Creative and strong PPC ads ensure you get your users’ attention and compels them to click through.

Landing Page Design

Think of the last time you were searching something online. You clicked a link, landed on a website, became utterly confused because the content presented was not what you expected and found yourself racing for the back button. A well designed landing page supports the overall message of why the user clicked on the link in the first place. By engaging users, you keep them on your page, and prompt them to contact you.