Currently, 88.1% of US internet users over the age of 14 browse or research products online and if your company doesn’t show up, consumers won’t even know you exist.

This is where we come in. No, we’re not going to use some Houdini ‘sleight of hand’ trick to make your site magically appear in the search rankings; we will dedicate our expertise and knowledge of the most successful practices regarding SEO, social media, PPC campaigns, and effective copywriting to make sure your website gets found.

Unlike the 90’s, when all you needed to do to obtain top rankings was to be a master keyword stuffer, the search engine algorithms today are constantly changing. In order to rank high on Google, Yahoo and Bing, websites have to constantly adapt to the changing demands of SEO and social media expectations to improve or even maintain rankings.

A successful Internet marketing campaign, should be multi-pronged; SEO to obtain high search rankings, optimized PPC campaign for targeted traffic, focused social media strategy to build brand awareness, and smart copywriting to engage and convert your users.

Search Engine Optimization

All your online marketing efforts start here. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of top-secret techniques we use to get your site ranked. Actually, it’s not really top-secret. We aren’t brewing Coca Cola’s hush-hush recipe here at VIUS, just applying our years of expertise and knowledge of SEO tactics.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Running a PPC campaign is not rocket-science; however, when piled up with the rest of your responsibilities, it may seem like it. Leave this up to the experts at VIUS, and we’ll make sure all systems are a go. We will manage your company’s PPC campaign, including performing keyword research, developing relevant ad groups, creating ads, managing your PPC budget, and improving conversion rates with the landing page design.

Social Media Marketing

With millions upon millions of people liking, tweeting, and pinning every day, social media sites are a perfect place to communicate with your customers. Websites like Facebook and Twitter open up lines of communication and create innovative opportunities to attract clients. Social media is not only an important avenue to find buyers, but it also allows you and your customers to get to know each other.

Website Copywriting

Ahhh the power of words. Great copy should be informative, pithy and compelling. It shouldn’t take paragraphs of text to get your message across. Viewers won’t spend the time reading it. Writing succinct powerful copy is just as important as the site design itself.