• Planning

    What’s the goal? Who’s your audience? How do you reach them? We establish lines of communication, define milestones, and formulate a strategy.

  • Design

    We create your website's visual and interactive presence. This is a highly collaborative stage, iterating our design processes until everyone is smiling.

  • Development

    We create the meat and potatoes of your website, making sure to communicate our progress so you’re always in the loop.

  • Testing

    We tinker, we test, and try to break your site every way we know how. We make sure everything runs smoothly, so your website is ready for prime time.

  • Evaluation

    We monitor its performance, provide maintenance when required, and always consult towards future improvements.

  • Party

    We highly recommend you throw a party for your new website. We'll be happy to join in the festivities and bring a nice bottle of champagne.