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The VIUS Team

We have a plethora of talent

Vinh Chau

View details for Vinh Chau Vinh Chau, CEO of VIUS


As founder and principal of VIUS, Vinh pours creativity into each project while keeping the message purposeful and clear. For Vinh, design is about communication, not decoration. However, with that being said, Vinh feels that you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. His goal with every project is to blend the two to create a visual appealing yet fully accessible web experience.

Vinh’s passion for great design is only rivaled by his commitment to universal accessibility. Vinh has over 13 years working in web accessibility ensuring that web technologies are in compliance with federal regulations such as Section 508 in addition to providing training and speaking engagements on web accessibility. Vinh was formerly co-owner of VQC Designs, a design/development firm based in Harrisburg and Philadelphia which he ran for 8 years. After leaving VQC, Vinh applied his knowledge and experience to step out on his own and start VIUS.

Vinh Chau on LinkedIn

Brian Neff

View details for Brian Neff Brian Neff, Lead Programmer

Lead Programmer

Having written his first computer program at the age of eight, Brian has always been passionate about computers and what they can do. He started programming websites at 14 years old, and by the age of 18, started his own web technology company.

Brian is fluent in many web-related programming languages, primarily focusing on open- source technologies, such as PHP, Apache and MySQL. Brian has years of experience programming a variety of applications and developing many custom solutions from the ground up for clients. Brian likes to tell people that when it comes to the internet, the question isn't "What is possible?" it's "What is practical?". The sky is literally the limit when it comes to what technology can do for a company, but not all ideas are going to be practical in their application. Utilizing his knowledge and experience, Brian helps clients answer those questions, plan their technological developments, and sees them through to completion.

Andrew Croce

View details for Andrew Croce Andrew Croce, Creative Manager

Creative Director

Andrew is the Creative Director for VIUS. He has been designing for print, web and multimedia for over five years, but he brings more than twenty years of experience in the fine arts. Andrew studied painting, sculpture and photography at New York University's Department of Art & Art Professions, and has an MS in Interactive Design from The School of Design & Media at Philadelphia University.

Andrew has always been a perfectionist with an obsessive attention to detail. Whether it’s a website, logo, brochure, or package, Andrew has a passion for creating beautiful designs while always keeping the end user in mind, delivering a clear message that is both simple and impactful. He brings his skills in composition, typography, color theory and usability to every design he creates, regardless of the scale of the project.

In Andrew's copious spare time, he is also an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University.

Andrew Croce on LinkedIn

E. Adam Quinn

View details for E. Adam Quinn Adam Quinn, Marketing Director

Marketing Director

Adam embraces the Internet as a communication tool. The internet's ability to facilitate sharing has opened up endless avenues for brands and business attempting to seek success online.

Integral throughout the web's dynamic nature is one constant being paramount for success: building community. Adam thoroughly enjoys guiding clients on their journey from budding brand to thriving online community.

Although Adam views the web as an excellent and exciting tool for communication, he is not so quick to write off old-media. He stands by his belief in vinyl over digital and books over e-readers. He also enjoys holding a heady brew and sliding sideways down mountains – but never at the same time ;).

Adam Quinn on LinkedIn

Lucas Boyd

View details for Lucas Boyd Lucas Boyd, Developer


Since his first exposure to web programming in the late 1990s, Lucas has enjoyed writing code to create interactive applications. Lucas is a guru with server side technologies such as PHP, Python, and MySQL, and more recently has become passionate about manipulating frontend content based on user interactions with Javascript.

Lucas is excited about the web technologies of the future and is always researching and trying out new tools, happily learning new programming languages and frameworks. He takes pride in the fact that he is working with the VIUS team to deliver cutting edge web applications that help businesses and entrepreneurs flourish.

Lucas enjoys trail running, camping with friends, and reading science fiction novels. Some of his favorites are A Deepness in The Sky by Vernor Vinge and Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

Brian Gantick

View details for Brian Gantick Brian Gantick, Frontend Developer


Brian has a true passion for web design and development, especially when it comes to finding creative solutions to complex problems. With a B.S. in Biopsychology from Philadelphia University, he has a unique perspective on the “psychology of web design” and a deep interest in how people experience the web. Brian loves making great designs come to life and has a penchant for clean and simple interfaces that are based on optimizing user experience.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys comic books, disc golf, and brewed beverages of all sorts (coffee, tea, and beer especially). Brian also enjoys reading up on current web design and development trends and is always interested in learning about the latest and greatest tools. Fun fact: Brian likes going to dog parks even though he doesn't currently own a dog.

Chelsea Calhoun

View details for Chelsea Calhoun chelsea-calhoun

Marketing Associate

Chelsea has long had two loves: words and the web (OK – four things, if you count coffee and cats). A recent graduate of Temple University’s journalism program, she recognizes the importance of understanding her audience and crafting clear, consistent copy for them.

With VIUS, Chelsea looks forward to putting her writing experience to work for the team and their clients, and she is eager to learn all that she can about web marketing, search engine optimization and social media strategy along the way.

In her free time, she walks around Old City with adorable, adoptable dogs from a local animal shelter and discovers new techniques for cooking veggies from her local farm share.

Chelsea Calhoun on LinkedIN

Mitch Brudy

View details for Mitch Brudy Mitch Brudy, Marketing Intern

Marketing Intern

Mitch’s two biggest loves in life are fitness and racing. He is a pre-junior at Drexel University studying Business Administration with a focus in marketing.

Prior to coming to VIUS, Mitch worked with various companies using social media to help build awareness and promote engagement. His main goal at VIUS is to gain a better understanding of SEO and how internet marketing is integral for the growth of any modern company.

When he is not studying or working at VIUS, he is helping others get in shape as a group fitness instructor and training with the Drexel triathlon team.

Mitch Brudy on LinkedIn

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