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What we do

High-quality, robust, and fairly priced solutions,
for all your internet and marketing needs.

  • Web Design

    Good design should look great, but it should also inspire emotion and prompt action.
  • Wordpress

    Wordpress gives you the power to easily manage your own website destiny!
  • E-Commerce

    Prices alone will not drive your customer’s buying decisions. We're serious about developing solutions.
  • Hosting & Support

    Rather than putting your website in the dubious hands of Danica Patrick, contact VIUS for experienced and reliable web hosting solutions.

Who we are

Meet our talented, dedicated and dynamic professionals who have a passion for success

Meet our team
  • Brian Neff

    Brian Neff

  • coale

    Sarah Coale

    Creative Director
  • Katie Montella

    Katie Montella

  • Matt Cherepanya

    Matt Cherepanya

    Director of Sales
  • Melissa Cherepanya

    Melissa Cherepanya

    Director of Operations
  • Neil Harner

    Neil Harner

    Director of Business Development

How we work

Our multi-step process makes it easy for you
to know exactly where we are on a project.

  • Planning

    What’s the goal? Who’s your audience? How do you reach them? We establish lines of communication, define milestones, and formulate a strategy.

  • Design

    We create your website's visual and interactive presence. This is a highly collaborative stage, iterating our design processes until everyone is smiling.

  • Development

    We create the meat and potatoes of your website, making sure to communicate our progress so you’re always in the loop.

  • Testing

    We tinker, we test, and try to break your site every way we know how. We make sure everything runs smoothly, so your website is ready for prime time.

  • Evaluation

    We monitor its performance, provide maintenance when required, and always consult towards future improvements.

  • Party

    We highly recommend you throw a party for your new website. We'll be happy to join in the festivities and bring a nice bottle of champagne.

What we've done

Take a look at a few projects we are proud to show off. We have many more examples, please contact us to learn more.

Start your project
  • GNJUMC Home page

    United Methodist Church of Greater NJ

    A hub for New Jersey’s Methodist congregations and churches
    View Live Site
  • KCBA Home page

    KCBA Architects

    Showcasing innovative and striking architectural work with vivid photography
    View Live Site
  • ShirtCitizens home page


    Custom t-shirt sales and community engagement through grants for do-gooders
    View Live Site
  • NJHCQI Home page

    NJ Health Care Quality Institute

    A repository of news and information, helping people navigate NJ’s health care industry
    View Live Site
  • Wharton Digital Press Home page

    Wharton Digital Press

    A catalog and information platform for digital books on business and economics
    View Live Site
  • Support Group Project Home page

    The Support Group Project

    Simple but powerful tools connecting families in need to local support groups
    View Live Site

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